Alone with Norah Jones

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Few years ago, my wife gave me a CD, “Come Away with Me”, of Norah Jones for my birthday. Since then, Norah Jones has kept me company when I’m driving. Norah is the only woman allowed by my wife to be alone with me in the car, aside from her of course. I have also collected her albums over the years.

Few days ago, Norah Jones came into town for a concert. I was there of course. It was so exciting to be in the same room with Norah Jones (even though I was 2 miles away!), and to hear “Come Away with Me”, “Don’t Know Why”, and other songs that I love, live. She performed with her new band as seen in this video taken in a NYC studio. It was a perfect concert. And an almost perfect date…..with only one thing missing…….my date.

(For unforeseen circumstances, my wife was unable to attend the concert with me. I still have her ticket.)

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