Shortly after the inception of this blog, a friend of mine who is a journalist (who by the way is the one who encouraged me to blog), and who writes for the Manila Standard (a newspaper in the Philippines), asked me to send articles for their newspaper. They have a section during that time that was called “Diaspora”, where they request “essays by Filipinos living, working or studying abroad, to reflect on any aspect of their life in a foreign land.”

Though I have trepidation at first, but the Opinion Editor of the newspaper herself, whom I also came to know, persuaded me too to contribute essays, as she said that the theme of my blog is the very essence of their Diaspora section. She is by the way, the one who polishes, edits, and makes my articles “newspaper worthy.”

Here are my published articles (click open to read) in Manila Standard between June 2010 – December 2013:

Weather You Like It or Not

Do You Speak English?

Against Florante’s Advice

Pinoy Pilgrims and Thanksgiving

I’m Dreaming of a Warm Christmas

Over Sarsi and Hopia

Luneta, Cradle of My Childhood

A Disoria Suit and a Recto Resume

Sing Me Back Home

Losing the Healer’s Touch 

Beyond our Shores

The Language of Grief

Puto Rounds

Tour of Duty


  1. Hi Sir, or Doc, nice to meet you here in the blogging world. Your articles really inspired me, and moved me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi PO Doc…i’M 62yrs of age na lola… i was searching s net kung anong cause ng masakit na bottocks at muscle ng legs, when ung post mo ang nabasa ko, i was enligthened s blog mo… at naintindihan ko dahil simple ang explanation mo…hoping for a much much happier life for you… sana makita ko pics mo…

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