Jack en Poy

I remember as a child we used ‘jack en poy’ to resolve many of our conflicts. To determine “kung sinong taya”. To decide who’s going first in the swing. To settle who’s going to get the last piece of the bukopie left. The winner gets all, and that’s the end of the story.

I employed ‘jack en poy’ long after my childhood. I remember when we were 4th year Medical students and when we were on call as medical clerks, if my partner and I were both very tired after long hours of duty, but there were still tasks to do, we would take our chances on settling it by ‘jack en poy’ . I end up doing the task most of time as I recall, I just don’t do well in ‘jack en poy’.

Funny, that up to this day I sometimes use this to resolve conflicts in my home. Me and my wife used to do ‘jack en poy’ to determine who will get up in the middle of the night to change our baby’s diapers. Now, I let my son and daughter do the ‘jack en poy’ (they call it “rock, paper, scissor” here) to decide who will go first in playing Wii, if they cannot settle it among themselves.

If only life conflicts can all be fixed by ‘jack en poy’. If only we can settle our differences with a flick of the hand, it will be much simpler, not to mention much less expensive. We will do away with the counseling, mediators, lawyers and courts. 

Perhaps I can try to challenge my neighbor to do ‘jack en poy’.


Fill in the blank: “Jack en poy, hale hale hoy; sinong matalo siyang _____”.

A. Kenkoy

B. Baboy

C. Unggoy

D. Bad boy

(Pirmahan ang inyong sagot, lakipan ng dalawang tansan, isama ang inyong suking tindahan, at ihulog sa………..basurahan.)