Shades of Lavender

In my last post, I told you of our misadventure of driving more than a hundred miles just to be disappointed. The lavender field was just an illusion.

Today, a friend of ours took photos in our backyard. We don’t need to go that far after all.



They may not be the real lavender flowers, but their shade of color is close enough.

(*photo credit cashQ, horticulturalist: missus)

Purple Blooms and a Dead Hummingbird

Late last fall, my wife planted Allium bulbs in our front garden. We wondered if the timing was right and if those bulbs will survive the harsh winter.

Well, we don’t have to wonder anymore. Here they are in full bloom.


They are really gorgeous and we like them very much. Plus, they complement our scenic front view.


It is interesting to know that onions, garlic, shallots and these purple flower balls are all in the same family, the Allium family. These Alliums are called Purple Sensation but also known as Persian Onion. These onions are attractive and does not make you cry.


As I was admiring these flowers, I saw this poor little creature in our walkway – a dead hummingbird. Even though it is dead, you can still see its beauty, with the colorful sheen in its feather. What caused its demise? I can only speculate. Perhaps it got drunk by too much nectar.


This beautiful bird albeit dead, is a reminder that there exist an unpleasant side of life. But we should not dwell on the bad part, instead we should focus on the good.

In fact, we can find beauty in almost everything. Even on this abandoned purple socks on this lonely gravel road where I run. I went too far, huh?


I don’t want to end this article with the abandoned purple socks, so here are some purple blooms again, this time in our backyard. Believe it or not, these too are in the family of onions. They are known as Purple Chives.


Life is like these purple blooms in so many ways. Beautiful  and precious (even if how lowly they may seem, like onions!). Yet fleeting, for here now, gone tomorrow. Let us admire and appreciate it, while we can.

(*all photos were taken with an iPhone)


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