Cold as Hell

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It will be March in just a couple of days, and then finally it will be spring in a couple of weeks (this winter seems to be very long indeed). But today, the temperature outside my window reads 3 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (with wind chill factor of 20 below zero!!). I wonder if hell could be as cold as it is hot.

I am not built for this kind of cold weather; my ancestry is from the Malay race that inhabited the tropics and not from the Inuits that had settled in the subarctics. What global warming? Why do I feel I’m in the Ice Age? Maybe I’ll see a mammoth roaming around soon.

Thank God for electricity and heaters (until you receive your utility bills!).


  1. Today someone I know in Manila complained about the heat there. I used to think that if you lived in a hot climate your internal thermometer would be skewed upwards so you’d be more tolerant to heat but I was disabused of that notion pretty quickly. Of course I then remembered that I grew up in Buffalo and hate the cold. šŸ™‚

    1. That’s just human nature to complain. Complain about the cold, the heat, the rain, the snow. Soon enough once spring rolls around, I’ll find something to complain about the spring……like the grass growing and it’s time to mow again.

  2. Hey, TAO, glad you found this site! Tom, meet Amer, my friend from high school. Amer, meet my friend Tom, via Internet and fountain pens. šŸ™‚ He’s at

    Cold? That is why I’ve decided not to visit the US anymore in winter. I don’t enjoy my visits as much because I’m too busy shivering and wishing I was back in the embrace of the warm Philippine sun.

    Pinoys have the sun in their blood, though, and carry it wherever we go – and our national anthem is “I Will Survive”. :))

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