Fight for Air

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This Sunday, I will be joining the Fight for Air Climb. This is an American Lung Association sponsored fundraising event involving climbing a prominent skyscraper in many parts of the US. It is a vertical road race. Here in Iowa, it is climbing the Principal Building, which is the tallest building in Downtown Des Moines. Alright, alright, Principal building is not even half as tall as Empire State Building in New York, but still the climb involves 41 floors or 1100 steps.

I also did this climb last year, and finished it under 10 minutes, but I almost died of exhaustion after reaching the top. Good thing they let us ride the elevators on the way down, or my wife will have to carry me down as my legs were like jelly. This year, my goal is not to break the standing record, which is about 5 minutes, but just to finish it without me dying. But for sure I’ll be “fighting for air”, when I reach the top – a very appropriate name for the event (at least for me).


  1. 10 minutes! WOW!!!! I just did the Fight For Air climb in San Francisco this morning. 52 floors, 1,197 steps. I think I beat my time from last year, and I did it under 25 mins. At least I hope I did!!! I stopped at the rest stops…

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