A Beautiful Day

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Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Iowa. It was sunny and we even reached 60 F (15 C). It was so nice I walked outside without the need of a jacket. People greeted me and commented on how beautiful the day was. Talking about the weather and appreciating a beautiful day is something new I learned from the American culture.

I remember many years ago, I just moved from Manila to Morristown, New Jersey.  It was summer, and I was walking alone in the town square, when somebody I don’t know greeted me and exclaimed what a beautiful day it was. I was taken aback. I looked around me, and made sure this stranger was really talking to me or to somebody else. Being raised in Manila, when a stranger greets you, you check your wallet and make sure it is still there! (We just don’t trust strangers.) And besides, who talks about the weather in the Philippines? The climate is so monotonous with 70’s to 90’s F (22 -34 C) the whole year through, so there is really nothing to talk about. Or perhaps we just take it for granted.

But after experiencing the extremes of weather and temperature here in America (especially here in Iowa), where the temperature can have a 40 to 50 degrees swing even in one day, and when a really beautiful day only come far in between, I have learned to appreciate a beautiful day. Now if I will also appreciate having a roof above my head, a bed of my own, and having three meals a day, then it is more than just a beautiful day.

Our weekend forecast calls for freezing rain and even possibility of snow. (Again?!) I guess it will be a beautiful (snowy) day!


  1. Your story is so funny. I would have thought people in Manila would have been more friendly and outgoing since I’ve not met people quite as kind as my friends there. But a big city can be dangerous and unforgiving and I always forget that. I do hear a lot of complaints about the heat in the Philippines which is the flip side of my complaints about the cold in the U.S.

    1. Yes, there are some people in Manila that they are so “friendly” they will come to your home, without your permission nor your knowledge, and they are so “outgoing” – they ‘go out’ your window with your cash, jewelries and things.

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