No Worries

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The other night I read the book “The Berenstein Bears” to my son for his bedtime story. Then I came across the passage: “Will our cubs be ready? It is a worry…….But are they worrying? They are not.”

To this my son asked me matter-of-factly, “Dad, what does worry means?”

I was a little surprised that “worry” is still not in my child’s vocabulary, or maybe he has not yet truly experienced it. As I tried my best to explain to him what worry means, deep inside me, I am happy that he still don’t understand the meaning of worry.

I wish I can be a child again…… To have no cares in the world…… Trusting that every need will be provided….. Trusting that everything will be alright……. When worry does not exist.

How long will my child not understand the true meaning of worry? I hope he never will.


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