Thoughts in the Dark

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I woke up to a more-than-usual dark room yesterday morning. After looking around, I realized that the electricity is out. (Manila does not have the monopoly of blackouts). Maybe the storm knocked the power out. Many thoughts raced in my mind…..

What time is it? My electric alarm clock is dead. Should I get up now? How can I see in the dark? How will I take a shower with no heated water? How will I know the news and the weather without the TV and computer? How can I check out my friends without Facebook? How can I prepare my breakfast without the microwave and toaster? How can I even open the electric powered garage door to take my car out?………..It sure made me think how our lives have become so dependent to modern technologies. Would men survive without them?

Maybe I should not go to work today. Or maybe I will just come in late. I have a pretty valid reason to be late afterall. Maybe I’ll just sleep some more and enjoy the rare perks of blackout. Yes, I’ll sleep some more……

Then, the power and lights came on. Darn!


  1. That’s food for thought – how dependent we’ve become on modern technology, and would the world still run without it, or if we were deprived of it for, let’s say, a week?

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