To hunt or not to hunt

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Growing up in Manila, I was not exposed to hunting until we moved here in Iowa. Hunting is not a part of the culture I grew up with.

I was surprised how big hunting is in this part of the world. There are big stores solely dedicated in hunting equipments and everything about hunting. There is even a full TV channel, just showing all forms of hunting as sports. I guess hunting dates back to our prehistoric existence and is so primal to the survival of our specie.

who’s the hunter and who’s the game?

Few years ago, after we settled here in Iowa, someone invited me to go deer hunting. I hesitated. I don’t know how to shoot a gun, and definitely, I have no skill in using a bow and arrow (during archery deer seasons, guns are not allowed for hunting, only bows and arrows).

I was afraid, I will shoot anything that moves and end up shooting one of my hunting partners. I think it’s too dangerous for me, besides the thrill of shooting a deer is not for me anyway. I just don’t have the heart to kill Bambi. Maybe my wife will, when those annoying deers eat her tulips and roses.

Then somebody suggested I go mushroom-hunting. Mushroom hunting??? Now, that’s new to me. Here in Iowa, hunting for morel mushroom is such a big thing.

When they say ‘hunting’, I imagine chasing something. So I asked, are these fungus walking, or do they sprout so rapidly and gone the next minute?

I was disappointed when I learned that they are just like ordinary mushrooms, and are not moving at all. So what’s the thrill in that? What skill do I need to hunt those mushrooms down?

morel mushrooms

First of all, they told me that I need discernment of what a morel mushroom is, as well as the skill of where to find them.

And the thrill?

I guess the thrill is gathering and eating the wrong type of mushroom and you end up poisoning yourself. We know that there are toxic and hallucinogenic mushrooms. That sure will bring an adrenaline rush! That’s too dangerous for me also, so I did not go mushroom-hunting too.

Maybe someday I will gather enough courage to try hunting (too chicken?), but for now, the only game that I will devour tonight will be coming from the meat and produce section of our grocery store.

(*photos from the web)

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