Out the Window

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Windows. I like windows. And I don’t mean Microsoft Windows. For I prefer Mac. But I digress.

I am talking about real windows that provide us views of the outside world. I am pertaining to windows that when we open them, we let fresh air (or not so fresh, depending on where your are) and warm sunshine in.

Windows can also provide portals where our thoughts can escape from the humdrum of daily chores at hand. A gateway to daydream if you will. You can also jump out of the window but I will not recommend that, especially if you are on the second floor or higher.

Here are photos of mundane things around the house in the background of dreamy windows. Go ahead, stare outside the window, and daydream.

laundry hamper
dirty dishes
ironing chores
ironing chores


  1. Same here. Windows provide a form of relation, wonder, serenity, even a glimpse of life and humor to our ever changing world. My favorite window would be the one with the view of the sea….reminds me of my home in the Islands…Thanks for the awesome post. Those photos are amazing…

  2. They say windows are our link to the outside world,… I believe there some truth to it. The one or the other windows work for me all the time. . I’ve been daydreaming with my computer’s windows lately, -no, not dirty old man’s daydream 🙂
    BTW your photography skill is very impressive 🙂

  3. another great muni-muni mode.

    ako hindi ko magawa ito sa kuwarto ko, laging nakasara po. yun ang project ko ang maipagawa iyon. buti na lang tabing bintana ako dito sa office.

  4. There’s a unique window that we possess as homo sapiens, they said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. When it’s raining inside, it overflows through the eyes… The eyes are outlet of pressure that build up inside, letting that pressure flow, follows emotional equilibrium….. I love the windows of your home.

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