The Call of the Old West

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Hey y’all pilgrims!

On our last week-long road trip, we visited Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in Wyoming. We also passed through Badlands and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. But this post is not about any of those National Parks (I’ll do that later).

This post is about the town of Cody, Wyoming. The way of the old west.


Cody is about 50 miles from Yellowstone National Park east entrance, and for 3 days we made it our home base. Even though it may be a ways from the park, the drive from this town to Yellowstone is relaxed and scenic, so we did not mind the back and forth drive at all.


The town was named after Colonel William F. Cody, who was better known as Buffalo Bill. (Though Buffalo Bill was born in Iowa. Yes, Iowa!) He passed in this area in the 1870’s and was impressed with the potential of the place. He returned to it in the mid 1890’s and started a town.

Around the town, are statues of Buffalo Bill.



It also has a historical center and museums honoring and featuring him.


As always, I tour around and take snapshots of most of the places we visit when I do my morning run. Here’s the current modern town of Cody.

Sunrise in Cody



The town hospital
The town at night

What is visiting a western town without seeing the rodeo? So we took the opportunity to see one, to really have that “western” feel. By the way, Cody pride itself as the “Rodeo Capital of the World.”





However, I think the best part of Cody, is the Old Trail Town, which is a collection of historic western structures and artifacts dating from 1879 to 1901. They were erected in the old original town site.






I reckoned our stay in Cody, Wyoming awakened ma’ cowboy instinct. This feller had a hankerin’ fer the old west. T’was a plumb delight.

That’s da’ round-up of how the west has won me. From the wild, wild west…..


yer pardner,

Pinoy (wannabe) Cowboy

IMG_3341P.S. I need to trade ma’ sneakers with a pair of ‘ole cowboy boots. With spurs.


  1. Hi Doc, your post processing of the old trail town photos was perfect for the effect of the west! interesting shots and kwentos 🙂 get some boots fast, before the song “Ang Kawawang Cowboy” starts to become an LSS (last song syndrome) … sorry po if you are not familiar with that song of Fred Panopio 😉

    more photos please, especially of Mt. Rushmore …

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