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My wife and I planned to go on a hiking trip this fall. Reading up and looking at the YouTube videos of where we would go gives us a sense that it would be a challenging and strenuous hike. So to prepare for this, we started walking every day to build our stamina. Our regular distance is 2-3 miles, though we have done 4 miles one afternoon last week. We’re hoping to increase our daily mileage as we move forward.

This late afternoon to early evening walks gives us the chance to visit nearby nature parks and also get to know our neighborhood more where we do most of our walking. I know these walks are also good for our health but more importantly this gives my wife and I some quality and uninterrupted time together.

Yesterday, as we were walking around our area, we saw this tree whose leaves were already changing colors (photo below). It was ahead of schedule compared to all the other trees around it. It is still summer but on its clock it is already autumn. It seems that it was marching to the beat of its own drum.

I know change is inevitable. Everything has its season. There are things that we want to change as soon as possible. Perhaps like getting a promotion at work or moving up the corporate ladder. Or maybe like relocating to a new place that we think we’ll have a better opportunity. We are like pulling the days and we just can’t wait, just like this particular tree in our neighborhood.

When we made a turn at the corner during our walk, we passed by this house whom the occupants just moved-in a couple of months ago. The previous owners of the home sold this house as their kids were all grown up and perhaps moved away, and so they were downsizing. But the new owners of this house have small kids, as evidenced by the display in their window (photo below). Or maybe it was the parents who placed these toys, who knows?

That brings me to another thought. There are changes that we try to delay as much as we can, for there are things that we want to hold on as much as possible, yet we know in our hearts that there will come a time that they too will be just a memory. Like our children who will not stay kids for long. Or our strength which we know will fade. And so many other things. Like those toys in the window, which is the running theme of Toy Story, one day they will be left behind by their owner and all they can do is to look out the window.

Did I mention that these long walks also give you much time for deep thoughts?


Bonus: Below is a short clip of our walk. It was not exactly silent (*crickets*) sound, but rather a deafening cricket serenade.


  1. Your posts are always so refreshing, especially the photos and videos too.
    Yes, long walks give so much time for thoughts and reflections, which is actually my extended prayer period too.
    Hope to bring my phone next time I walk to record the many sights that have caught me… or did i catch them?
    God bless po, Doc!

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