First Snow

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When I looked outside our bedroom window this morning this was what greeted me. Snow!

The snowing season has begun, I guess. Though I cannot really complain, as there were years before that we had our first snow as early as October or before Halloween. At least this time it is already mid November.

The snow adds to the holiday vibes to our front porch. Christmas is only about a month away after all.

At least the snow was light and I did not need to shovel our driveway, nor did it caused much chaos in my morning commute to the office.

Photo below is my view from my clinic window.

There’s always some excitement when snow comes. After more than 20 years of living with snow, I still find some awe and beauty for the first snow of the season. Until the winter drags on and on and on, and we start to curse the snow and wish it is already spring.


Here’s a short clip my wife took of our first snow of this season. (Music is “And Winter Came” by Enya)

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