Goodbye Ella Grace

Why does a song ends before it can be heard,

Why does a rainbow fades before it can show,

Why did you say goodbye before we can say hello,

We haven’t even embraced you, why do you have to go?

Why Ella Grace, oh why?

You came unexpectedly, and left more unexpectedly,

But you brought us expectant joy, even for so briefly,

You showed us how to dream again, and all the possibility,

That life indeed is wonderful. Yes, definitely!

Thank you Ella Grace, thank you.

We can never know your face, even how much we try,

We can only imagine hearing your laughter and your cry,

We wish to cuddle you close, and feel your beating heart,

A heartbeat that was snuffed out, not long after it start.

Goodbye Ella Grace. Goodbye.

We really don’t understand, but we submissively accept,

That you are not meant to live and be born on this earth,

But someday when all our tears and sorrows are taken,

Your mom and I will look for you, there in heaven.

We’ll see you, Ella Grace, we will see you.

*For all of you who shared in our family’s joy and sorrow, thank you.

** Written for my unborn child whom we lost at 7 weeks of gestation.