A Long Day

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Someone asked me how I’m doing today, and I answered, “A long day”.  Aside from having a difficult day it was also a very long day……literally.

Today is the summer’s solstice which means it is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. Countries in the northern hemisphere, had more than 15 hours of daylight today. In Des Moines, the sun rose at 5:40 this morning and did not set until 8:52 this evening.

I like consistency. Since I grew up in a tropical country near the equator, I am used to having the length of days and nights almost equivalent the whole year through. Unlike here in the US, the days are very long (15 hours daylight) during summer, like now; while days can be very short (9 hours daylight) during winter, when it’s already dark at 4 in the afternoon. This is throwing my system off.

The changes in the length of days affects the biological clock, sleeping patterns, moods and general well-being. That is why Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD), like the ‘winter blues’,  are prevalent here. (Now I’m sounding like a Psychiatrist.)

Well, tomorrow will not be as long as today (a minute shorter to be exact). But then I remembered that I will be on-call tomorrow. That will make for a really long day….. and night.

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