Thoughts in the Dark 2

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I woke up again this morning to a more-than-usual dark room. We had strong storms overnight which could have knocked the power out, again. It was the third blackout we had in our area in the past 10 days or so. This is becoming reminiscent of my Manila days.

Last week  we had power outage in our clinic, and our generator was enough only to sustain minimal lighting. Since we have  electronic medical records and we can only view our x-ray images through the computer screens, we were badly handicapped that we had no choice but to reschedule our patients and send them home. We cannot even practice basic medicine without electricity! We could have resorted back to paper and pens for recording, and relied more on our stethoscopes rather than on x-rays and CT scans on examining our patients.

As I sat in the dark this morning in my bathroom “throne”, I pondered (can you imagine The Thinker?) on how can mankind exist without electric power. I also reflected on how we survived through medical school in Manila during the height of the blackout season……..

I used to read my textbook by the candlelight for hours, because I had no choice, as there’s an exam the following day. We used to sit in a dark lecture hall, while our professor taught in the front, and he had no idea that half of the class was asleep.  And when we were 4th year medical students, we would run to ventilator-dependent patients in the hospital during power failure, and ambubagged them by hand until the power was restored (that would be keeping the patient alive by every sense of the word)……..

I was in a deep thought when suddenly a lightbulb lit up. No, I did not have a bright idea, silly. The electricity came on.

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  1. Physical exam and patient’s clinical presentation are things that still exist Doc, they’re basic but not out dated.

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