Garage Clean Up

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Last week, my wife and kids cleaned up our garage. They swept and mopped the floor, took away all the unnecessary clutters, and arranged what were left in an orderly manner. I was surprised to come home in a neat and spotless garage. I would say, they have done a good job.

My garage. Not!

For our first 11 years here in the US, we were constantly moving and changing address almost every 1 to 2 years, spanning 5 states. So we did not accumulate much things as we kept our stuffs to bare essentials. And every time we packed our things and move, we discarded whatever we think, were not needed anymore. For a time we became expert in packing and moving that we could rival a movers company.

However in the last 5 years, after we settled in our first owned home here in the US, we started accumulating stuffs. And the garage became the graveyard of things that need some fixing and repair, things that are not needed anymore, or things that we thought we’ll need someday but just don’t know when. And as time pass, the garage became full of clutters and junk.

Not my garage either, but close.

When our garage was cleared out, we threw away things: old shoes, air mattress with small leak, old basketball, old run down toys, boxes, and some other odd things. Then we gave away to goodwill stuffs that may be needed by other people (not us): baby strollers, car seats, folding chairs, hangers, old clothes, curtains, old pans and more. The result is a clean and tidy garage. Though I cannot promise it will stay uncluttered for long.

Sometimes, our lives are like our garage. Full of clutters, things that are not needed, and just plain junk. Maybe its time for a clean up. (Garage sale not recommended.) Surely, you will thank yourself for it.

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