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I was on-call this past weekend, and last Friday I got home past 8 PM. The dinner table was already set when I arrived, and my wife and kids greeted me cheerfully. My wife sat with me in the table even though she and the kids ate already (I called earlier and told them to eat without me as I knew I will be late), just to keep me company.

I have not warmed my seat yet at the table and just had a couple of bites of my food when my beeper went off. As I stood up to make a call, my beeper went off again. And again. In a span of a few minutes I learned that I had 3 more admissions, 2 of those into the ICU. The ICU admits are both young, one 18-year-old, and one 29-year-old. Both were very sick. I knew I have to go back to the hospital.

I just finished my dinner (a finished meal is sometimes a luxury when I’m on-call), and I left home again. It was way past midnight when I was able to drive back home. I was happy to see that our porch and driveway lights are on when I arrived home. It was reassuring to know that I was expected and somebody kept the lights on for me.

After I washed and changed clothes, I crawled into bed weary and exhausted. I was surprised to find that my wife, even though she was in bed, stayed awake waiting for me. Her loving embrace dissolved all my weariness and fatigue away. This more than makes up for a grueling day. I am truly blessed to have a home oasis.

Just give me a couple of hours of sleep, and with the tender loving care I get from home, I will be ready to face another long day. And whatever arduous work is thrown my way, I know what is waiting for me, by the end of the day.


  1. Fantastic tribute to home and family! Your wife is deserving of your praise for keeping everything together. And you bare your soul in this piece – a man who upholds, appreciates, and loves the most important people in his life. 🙂

  2. it’s wonderful that you have a great home and marriage! it’s god’s blessing to you for all your hard work! well done! we love your family!

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