Drive-by Shooting…….Pictures.

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Last week, we had a really long drive to New York. We also did some drive-by shooting……… shooting pictures, that is.

After passing miles and miles of cornfields and farmlands from Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, the scenery changed drastically when we reached Pennsylvania, with its mountains and forested areas. The fall foliage colors was also in it’s peak.

sunrise mountains
beautiful fall colors
"Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long." - Rascal Flatts
"It's a long lonely highway when you're travellin' all alone." - Elvis Presley
quaint town
"The long and winding road......." - Beatles
Over the mountain........
.....around the mountain,.....
......and through a mountain (tunnel through a mountain somewhere in Pennsylvania).

New Jersey continued on with similar scenery……..

blue mountains
Garden State Parkway (New Jersey)

When we got to New York City, it was a different jungle altogether.

view of Manhattan skyline from Queens
under the Number 7 train in Queens
Park Avenue. Buildings in the middle of the street. (at the end of the street is where Central Station is)
Time Square (yes, we spent a lot of time there, due to the traffic!)
The Plaza Hotel. This is where we stayed.........I wish. (the policemen directed us somewhere else, ha ha)
horse carriage at Central Park (watch out for the droppings!)
Columbus Circle (No, this is not where Columbus first landed. It's where he first did his shopping!???)
Straight ahead is Jazz at Lincoln Center.
Finding for a street parking is impossible. 4 hour parking at a garage is as expensive as your dinner!
One of my wife's favorite places.
Street sign. Most of the streets are one way!
What? No traffic! Perhaps this was just a glitch.
Here's some light traffic (near Queensboro bridge).
And real heavy traffic.
And more traffic. At least this has a beautiful view of the Hudson river and George Washington bridge.
And more traffic.....
Leaving New York City. Crossing George Washington bridge at sunset.


  1. Fantastic pictures! Thanks for posting these! NYC still looks pretty much the same, I miss it. Iowa and the surrounding countryside are lovely! One of these days, I promise I’ll visit. 🙂

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