A Glimpse of a Legendary Creature

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The other morning, just as the sun was peeping above the horizon, I spotted  some deer strolling in my yard. It was a buck and his doe actually. Nothing special I thought, as deers abound in our neighborhood, especially around this season. In fact this week, I am seeing them almost everyday in my yard, usually in a group of two to five.

a buck and his "deerly" beloved

However, when looking closer on this buck, there was something peculiar that I detected. No it was not the glowing red butt of this supposed to be whitetail deer. That was just the reflection of the rays of the rising sun. There was something more. Do you see it?

Rudolf, the red-butt deer?

It had only one horn! Is it a nature’s accident? A genetic variation? Or most probably he just busted his one horn during a fight with another buck. Fighting for his “deerly” beloved, his beautiful doe. If push comes to shove, or more appropriately butting heads and antlers with another buck, he probably will gladly sacrifice his remaining antler for her.

one-horned or unihorn buck

Or maybe, my one-horned buck is the legendary elusive unicorn! Did I really see a unicorn? A “unihorn” at least. Will it bring me good luck? Maybe tomorrow I’ll see Bigfoot.

legendary unicorn?


  1. hello, pinoy transplant,

    ang ganda naman ng lugar nyo, may wild animals! kakaiba ‘yang visitor mo – a unihorned unicorn, ikaw na… ^^

    noong isang araw, sa out of town, nakakita ako ng bisiro, ang liit, as in… kumusta? 🙂

    1. Medyo iba na ng konti ang mundong aking ginagalawan. Mula sa humaharurot na tricycle, ngayon nag-lalamierdang deer. Mula sa mga maiingay na tambay sa kanto, ngayon mga kumakantang mga ibon.

      Honestly, I have to check wikipedia to know what “bisiro” is.
      Medyo nakakalimot lang ng konti sa aking tagalog. Salamat muli 🙂

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