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We watch events on our seats. Though a recent Australian study published earlier this year showed that the longer time we spent sitting, the earlier we die. But that’s a whole subject on its own that I may tackle some other time. The fact of the matter is, we like to see spectacular happenings sitting down. Yes, spectacles to die for.

On that note, here are some photos of rows of seat that I took in the past few months.

Temple of Performing Arts. Des Moines, Iowa
Red Rocks Amphitheater. Morrison, Colorado
Jay Pritzker Pavilion. Chicago, Illinois

Some seats are pricey. Some seats are not. Some may even be free. May it be a symphony orchestra concert, or an opera, or a Broadway show, or a rock concert, or a play, or a movie, or a circus, or a sporting event – to each its own, for they can all be dazzling shows that catch our fancy.

But what if the spectacle is you, while you are sitting down?

Yes, those are potty seats. In the hallway!

I was making my rounds in the hospital a few weeks ago, and I was surprised to see these rows of potty seats in the hallway. Don’t we care about privacy anymore? Is this the new trend? After I inquired what was going on, the picture was not what it appeared to be. The hospital was merely replacing all the bedside commodes, so they just park them temporarily outside each room. That was a relief!

So whether you watch the world go by on your seat, or the world watch you “go” on the seat, may you have a good and inspiring day.

“I have found that sitting in a place where you have never sat before can be inspiring.” – Dodie Smith, English novelist and playwright


  1. Great photos, PT! About the row of commodes, it reminded me of the communal bathroom I saw in the ruins of Ephesus in Turkey. There was a square lined by toilet seats and running water under then. There was what used to be a large decorative fountain in the center with statues and all. This was out in the open. Next to it was the communal bath, open air too. Supposedly,mthese were built by the Romans or something.

    There is also this house across from San Agustin church in Intramuros we visited. The entire house is a museum replica of a Spanish era home, most likely that of a middle class businessman. The bathroom had 4 toilet seas side by side! I guess you can have company when you’re relieving yourself back in those days, huh?

      1. Hahaha, PT. Agree wholeheartedly. I prefer to enjoy both activities in the privacy of an indoor bathroom too! But back in the days, I guess people were willing to commune with mother nature!

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