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It’s March. Are you tired of winter yet like me? I am so ready for Spring!

However, my surrounding is still covered with snow, and there’s more snowfall in our forecast.  Yet there’s no use of cursing the snow, so might as well appreciate its beauty. Just bundled up of course!

Here’s the sunrise in our neighborhood.


Maybe you can even have fun in the snow. If you ask my son, he wishes for more snow. A feet more of snow!


Here he is in our front yard throwing snowballs.


My daughter also joined my son in playing in the snow. However she always ends up as the target of snowballs.


My wife even made “snow art.”


Here are my kids again frolicking outside. Or perhaps my son is enjoying it more than my daughter.


Pausing to admire the sunset, after some time of laughter in the snow.


As always in life, we don’t have to always curse the dark or the cold. We can learn to accept it and even embrace it. Just like the adage: “If life gives you lemon, make some lemonade.”

And if I may add: if life gives you snow, make some snowballs.


  1. Wow, this post is relaxing. The last image looks so sweet. It inspires me more to see the glass half-full than half-empty.

    1. Thank you for visiting. I thought some places in southern California can experience a rare snowfall. I know my cousin, who lives in Loma Linda, said they had some dusting of snow last year.

      1. grabe pala ano, kakayanin ko kaya dyan, sa aircon nga lang sa office, halos lamigin na ako.

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