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Ten years ago, I received a “living” gift on my birthday. It was my son. Yes, he was born on my birthday. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

The only downside to this gift, if there is one, is that my birthday celebration became an afterthought since my son’s birth. It’s “his” birthday now. But that’s alright, I always like kids-themed party, with hats, balloons, and Super Mario cake for my birthday anyway.

my son and I doing Math lesson in the kitchen

Recently, on my last birthday, I received another living gift. But before you think we had another baby, well it is not that. No diaper-changing needed on this one. No waking-up in the middle of the night for feeding needed too. But it requires tender-loving care as well.

My birthday gift is a plant. It is actually a Bonsai Japanese Juniper tree. My wife gave it to me, and it now sits on top of my office desk.

my Bonsai tree

I really need to take good care of this living gift, like a real child. Besides that it is a beautiful tree, and that it is a loving gift from my wife, there’s more to it than that. Somehow my reputation (and career?) depended on this.

I am very aware of the common advice that says, “Never go to a doctor whose office plants are dead.”

Fake plants are not an option.


  1. Bro. That is the best birthday for any parent. Even if my son’s birthday is way past mine. He gets to blow my candles and make wishes. When I see him so happy, I am happy. Thanks for sharing this post. It is a reflection of how much love you have to your family…which is endless and overflowing. God bless.

  2. Hi doc … may the good Lord bless you both with all that your hearts desire and for more years to come… happy birthday! btw, you and IT share the same birth month, i remember just greeting him recently for his birthday as well … have a great day — APRIL

  3. Happy birthday, PT! Love the plant, by the way. Yes, I agree. Gotta nurture that bonsai juniper. I hope you have the right kind of shears to keep it in shape every now and then.

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