Gift of Life 2: A Christmas Miracle

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(A continuation of the story: Gift of Life)

Mary opened her eyes and the bright lights flooded her vision. She squinted and saw people donned in white attending to her. Is this heaven? No, this was the ICU room where she was in, before she slipped into coma.

She felt her tummy. It was much smaller now. She thought, did she delivered her baby already? When? Where? How?

She later learned that she was out in a coma for about a week, and she had an emergency caesarean section while she was comatose. She strained her eyes to see the picture posted in her room’s wall. It was a picture of her newborn baby boy! A weak smile graced her gaunt face. She and her baby survived after all. Both of them have received the gift of life.

Few more days later, Mary was stable enough to get out of the ICU, and be transferred to the maternity ward, where she will finally meet her miracle baby boy.

On this Christmas night, a silent night, a mother and her child will sleep in heavenly peace.

Mother and child

(image from here)

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