Return to Yosemite

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Five years ago we visited Yosemite National Park (see previous post). It left such an impression, that it deserves another visit. So we did.

Here are the photos of our return to Yosemite earlier this month.

This time around, we were able to reserve a housing just a few miles outside the park. We stayed at Yosemite View Lodge, a resort located at the edge of the majestic Merced river.


Below is the gorgeous view from our room. Yes, we are lull to sleep with the sound of rushing water.


Water falls are arguably the most notable feature of Yosemite National Park. So here are photos of the falls on this park.


Above is the Upper Yosemite Falls. Below are the Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls as seen from afar.


A much closer view of the Lower Yosemite Falls.


IMG_3320Besides the water falls, Yosemite is also known for its mountains and rock formations.


Below is “El Capitan,” the largest monolith granite in the world.

IMG_3304Another distinctive rock formation rising from the valley floor is the Half Dome, an iconic landmark of Yosemite.



With breathtaking views like these, I would say that a second visit is well worth it.

From Yosemite,


(*photos taken with an iPhone)

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