11 Years of Blogging

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I am celebrating my 11th year in blogosphere.

Who knew I would be blogging this long? Many of my contemporary bloggers that I used to follow along when I started, have stopped posting or have abandoned their blogs. Maybe they found something better to do. Maybe I am just too stubborn. Too stubborn to quit.

Despite the difficult year that passed, this site has seen tremendous traffic last year, the most visits so far in the history of this blog. I have recorded more than 150,000 visits last year, and I am both honored and humbled to you, my readers, for your continued interest.

But maybe because of the community-wide quarantine, that people have more free time to roam the blogosphere, and thus the increased readership. Nevertheless, that still counts. It is not surprising that the most popular article I wrote last year was “Hugot Lines sa Quarantine.”

Speaking of 11 years, 11th year anniversary is usually represented by the metal steel. I guess steel represents strength and durability. So this blog now has the trait of steel.

More on 11 years, do you know that building the One World Trade Center in NYC to replace the ill-fated twin towers took 11 years to complete? Yes, it took that long. Also, do you know that a solar cycle is approximately 11 years? What is a solar cycle you would ask? Every 11 years or so, the sun’s magnetic field completely flips. This means the sun’s north and south poles switch places, and in another 11 years the poles flip back again. How does this affect the Earth? I have no idea. Maybe it flips the brain of the bloggers.

And lastly, do you know that the last time we have the same date and days as our current 2021 calendar was in 2010? That means, I wrote my first entry on this blog on a Monday just like today, January 18th, exactly 11 years ago.

I am hoping to keep on writing and I will try to stay relevant for more years to come. Thank you once again for your continued visits.


  1. Thanks for being part of the blogosphere for 11 years.. I also have been around since 2008(my jeje and wap site days) but still couldn’t keep up. I can’t write something interesting as others. I’ll join your goal in writing more and become more relevant in the more years to come. ❤️

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