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In my last post I alluded that we went on a trip. I have scheduled my time off several months ago, but we really don’t have a plan where to go for it is hard to plan ahead with this pandemic. It was only three days before my vacation time that we decided where to go and we scrambled to book a hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Then we drove off.

Here are some of my choice pictures of our recent travel.

Below is a view from our hotel’s window, with some paragliders coming in for a landing.

Here is a herd of elks grazing in the Grand Teton valley, when we drove at dusk. We saw bison and moose too, but I don’t have a good photo of them to brag.

First day hike in the Tetons.

After the hike we drove to this place below where we enjoyed a freshly baked pizza and some huckleberry ice cream while gazing at this lake. Let’s just say we replenish and more, the calories we burned.

Second day hike in the Tetons. The photo below needed more than 30 minutes hike up the mountain to view this breath-taking scenery, and that’s just the beginning of the hike. We did not encounter any bear, though we carry a bear spray just in case.

Below is one of the lakes where people swim or do kayaking, but the water, even if it’s already summer, was still cold.

Third Day in the Tetons. It can get to the 40’s Fahrenheit in the morning, but the temperature climbs to the 80’s by midafternoon, so we dress-up in layers.

A hike at Yellowstone National Park.

I wonder which is more colorful, the scenery or my outfit?

From Wyoming,



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