Still A Boy

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Our youngest child is now a sophomore in college. He is busy with his studies and he’s really thriving in the university life. He is also involve in some scientific projects as he got a job in a research laboratory. However since his university is only 45 minutes away from our home, most weekends he still comes home as his mother begs him to. We are not ready to be completely empty-nesters.

So our home has more life and activity during weekends. Even though our son most of the time will be just studying or reading, or doing his laundry, that is more than alright with us. My wife even tells my son that he could even bring out his childhood toys, like his Lego sets or his Kapla wooden blocks and he could make a mess again on the floor and she would not mind at all. My son would just give her an incredulous “you are crazy”-look, and smile.

As for our eldest who just finished post graduate school, she lives a little more than 100 miles away and comes home less frequently. If she cannot come home it is us who would drive to visit her. We obviously cannot let go of them still.

For my readers who are parents with small children, please cherish each moment with them. It does not matter how cluttered your floors are with their toys. It does not matter how raucous your home is as they would not quit jumping around. It does not matter how messy your kitchen is with drippings of peanut butter and jelly. For there will come a time that you will miss those very things and wish that those times should have been a little bit longer.

When my wife and I went for our hiking trip in Maine last week, our son still came home that weekend even though we were not around. I think he did his laundry. He also came to get his bike and went for a ride with our local church group of young kids where he is one of their counselors.

When we arrived from our trip, we found a “surprise” in our home. And my wife and I cannot help but laugh. I think my son honored his mother’s request.

Yes, that is a tall building structure and a pirate ship made of wooden blocks on our floor.

I guess our son is still a boy.


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