TGIF! Not!

Today is Friday. But for me, it is not TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday). It is GHMIF -God help me it’s Friday!

Obviously we can’t close the hospitals and the ICU on weekends, so somebody has to cover them. I’m it for this weekend. And I am experiencing all the anticipation, the angst, the feeling of a-sword-hanging-above-your- head, and the antipathy, that goes with being on-call. My countenance and even my personality changes when I’m on-call. It is obvious in my scowl as if it is branded in my forehead: “Don’t talk to me, I’m busy”. My wife calls it the “on-call syndrome” (maybe it is similar to pre-menstrual syndrome, just a little worse).

When we take call over the weekend, it can be overwhelming and there is the possibility that you may be working for about 60 hours continously. Thankfully it has not happened to me yet, (I hope it never will), for I have always managed to steal a few hours of sleep during weekends that I was on-call.

I can’t wait for the day when help comes and I’m relieved of my duty; when I can say TGIM! Thank God it’s Monday.

I hate weekend duty