21K in 2M

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I am planning to participate again in the Des Moines half marathon (21 kilometers) this October. I confess, I have been slacking on my running (I always find reasons not too: it’s too cold, it’s too hot, I’m too tired, I’m too busy, I’m too lazy……). For the past 10 months, the longest I have run is 5K (and that’s far in between in occasion). Well, I have 2 more months to prepare for this.

Time to put on Hermes’ shoes of speed, Rocky’s unfading endurance, and my own iron determination. For a start, I ran 10K yesterday. Just don’t ask me how long it took me. Let’s just say I started when the sun was just rising, and finished before the sun sets.

Now I am aching for a foot massage.

Des Moines Marathon



  1. I envy your determination. I’ve been saying I’ll start running again and all the excuses you mentioned that hinder your way are nothing compared to the excuses I come up with not to do it… So keep up the good work, you may end up winning the race; well, unless there is a kenian running the marathon, then you don’t stand a chance!

    1. I’m not even thinking of winning. My time for the half marathon is the time most elite runners finish the WHOLE marathon. And yes, there are lots of Kenyan runners in this marathon. For me, just finishing the race and still standing is already like winning the race.

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