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It was 10 moons ago that I launched myself into the far-reaching space of blogosphere and it had been a wonderful journey so far. I have met people who are in different parts of the world, that I would never have the chance to meet except through the blogosphere. Again, my heartfelt thanks.

I don’t know what came upon me why all of a sudden I like to write (and blog). Perhaps the Muse of writing visited me while I was asleep one night and planted this inspiration bug in my brain.

Kiss of the Muse, 1859-60, by Paul Cezanne

Now I have all this crazy idea of things I should write about. Don’t be surprised if one of these days I will even write an ode to Periplaneta americana, or also known as the common cockroach. (Pati ipis imported pa sa Amerika!) And having my articles even published on a circulated national newspaper is beyond my childhood dreams.

During my school years, I was not fond of writing at all. I can spend a whole day drawing and doodling though, but not writing. I would be lying if I say that I like doing essays, book reports, term papers and thesis. I know I was not alone. And that’s why Recto is so popular among students who wanted to cut corners.

Which reminds me: if you invent a book report, is that considered creative writing?

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