Bring It On

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I am in a quite of stress at my work lately. I am the attending and is in-charge of the  24-bed ICU in our hospital for this month. I have been coming home tired and feeling spent. But I still find time to blog, right? Well, this is my form of relaxation.

In the morning when I leave home for work, I have this foreboding feeling as if a sword dangles above my head. There is so much anticipation of whatever ominous tasks are waiting for me in the zoo-like world of ICU. Am I up to the challenge?

This morning, I left for work  earlier than usual to attend Grand Rounds, a formal meeting of physicians where a case or cases are discussed. Why they schedule this academic meetings so early in the morning is beyond me. How could it be conducive to learning when your brain is still in snooze-mode?

As I was going down the dimly lit stairs of our home this morning, a voice shout out to me: “Goodbye Dad!” I was not expecting that my son was already awake. I turned around and went back to his room and kissed him goodbye. I know my son believes so much in me, even during times I doubt myself.

With my son’s goodbye embrace and trust, I was fortified and ready to take on anything the ICU, or the world for that matter, will throw in my way for this day. And I mean, anything. Just bring it on.

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