Superman Visits Des Moines

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In the 707th issue of Superman comic-book series that came out in stores yesterday, it showed Superman visiting the city of Des Moines. He did his usual hero stuff here, like stopping a freight train from running over a girl, rescuing a crashing helicopter, and foiling a robbery. No, I don’t have the comic-book, I just heard it from the Iowa Public Radio which I listened to, when I am driving to work. I then read it more in the Des Moines Register (our city’s newspaper, counterpart of the fictional Daily Planet where Clark Kent works) on-line edition.

According to the story, Superman, has been walking, (mind you, not flying) across America to get back in touch with humanity. Even though I don’t follow comic books (except for Calvin and Hobbes!), I am a Superman fan, and maybe I will get a copy of this most recent issue, just for curiosity sake.

That's the Principal Building in Des Moines (image from Des Moines Register)

Des Moines is far different from Metropolis, the fictional city where Clark Kent lives. For one, Des Moines is relatively small compared to the mega city of Metropolis. We also don’t have crazy characters, like the mad scientist, Lex Luthor, who wants to rule over the world. There might be some mad doctors though (No, it’s not me!). And it does not mean, we have no use of another caped hero.

I am not sure why Superman did not stay for long in Des Moines though. Perhaps he found out that we have traces of kryptonite in our water. Or maybe Lois Lane does not want to move to Des Moines. Or maybe he just cannot find a telephone booth where he can change into his tights. But then again, what other cities still have telephone booths?

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