Lost Sheep is Home

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Since I started blogging a year ago, I have written in memoriam for friends and family who have passed on. It is not my intent to make this blog an obituary section. I know, I have also scratched the topic of death several times in my posts. It is neither my intent to be morbid. It is just that death is a real part of life.

Yesterday we learned that another brother of my wife had died. (One brother died 4 months ago.) He just turned 50.

He was known to be the black sheep of the family, the prodigal son, the lost sheep. But that was during his much younger years. As he became older and “wiser,” he returned to the fold and was found. It was ironic he said, that when he became blind (as his eyesight started to fail even at his age), it was then that he can “see,” and was not lost anymore.

With his life story, I am reminded of a famous hymn written by William Kirkpatrick: Lord, I’m Coming Home.

Coming home, coming home

Never more to roam;

Open wide Thine arms of love,

Lord, I’m coming home.

This time is very difficult for our family, especially to my mother-in-law, who has to bury his 2 youngest sons in such a short span of time. But it is reassuring to know that this lost sheep, had come home. Now he sleeps in the bosom of God.

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