Knight in Cardboard Armor

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For some reason my son is fascinated in Medieval times — from castles, knights, and the weapons of those times. I think most boys have that fleeting intrigue about knights and swords, but my son’s interest seems to be deeper. He had borrowed several books in the library about castles, knights and their battles.

One book he had borrowed at least 3 times is “Siege: How to Conquer a Castle”. He is so interested in Medieval warfares and tactics on conquering a kingdom. Maybe that’s why he is so keen in chess, with knights, towers, queens, and with all the strategies in capturing the opponent’s king.

By the way, why is it in chess the king is so helpless and needed to be protected by his men, while the queen is all powerful? Is it the queen, in real life, that is running the kingdom (or should I say “queendom”)? Just asking. Sorry I digress.

In his play time, my son have even built catapults and battering rams with his lego and tinker toy set. Then last week, he made a knight’s armor. He fashioned it from cardboards, cereal box, and an orange carton. He designed and construct it all by himself, though I helped a little bit, to cut things out that is too tough for him to cut.

Here is my knight in shining….. ah, er……..cardboard armor.

Today he creates a cardboard armor. But who knows what kind of armor he will design and create in the future. Maybe this?


  1. It’s wonderful to see how active and alive your son’s imagination is – and thanks to you and your wife for supporting him as he brings his dreams to life. 🙂

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