Hounding Wings

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The other day I saw a large predatory bird in hot pursuit of a much smaller bird. The big bird (no, not the one from Sesame Street!) with steady flapping of its broad wings, “stalking” the small bird with fluttering and zigzagging flight, trying to “evade” the hounding fowl.

red-tail hawk with her kill

(image from here)

Why is it that in life, the strong always takes advantage of the weak? The predator animals always pick on the young and the weakling of the herd to chase down. Big and burly kids bully little and meek kids. Rich and influential people prey on the poor and the helpless. Big corporations gobble down small businesses. I guess that is the worlds’ order. The “survival of the fittest.” Kill or be killed. The “natural selection” for the preservation of the species.

As I was watching the birds’ chase, I witnessed something wonderful happen.

The smaller bird began free-falling. The large bird in pursuit swiftly swooped down under the falling bird to halt its plunge, and with its mighty wings buoyed the little bird up to restore its flight.

You see, I got it all wrong. The bigger bird was not hunting the smaller bird. It was a loving mother who was protecting and training her feeble young to fly.

I think I am so used and attuned to the negativity of this world. I only expect bad things to happen, just like many people do. I thank God for opening my eyes to the fact  that good still exist in this fallen world.

And He used a bird of prey to remind me.

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