Caveman’s Amenities

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We are going camping this weekend. To be with nature…….be exposed to the elements……sleep on the ground…….cook in open fire………exist like cavemen……..errrr………not quite.

Well, you see, aside from our huge comfy tent, we also have air mattresses, pillows and comforters, ice coolers, portable propane gas stove, battery operated lamps, folding chairs, nice campground with drinkable water source and public bathrooms with heated showers…….should I go on?

Like cavemen? Naah!


  1. Uy! unfair! cheating! nung nagka-camping tayo nun sa Pathfinders and CAT, all we had were ratty pup tents that we pitched with sticks; no sleeping bags, just old blankets; and we made saing rice in caldero on open fires we lit with firewood we gathered! and we were in the middle of the remotest gubats our scouts could find! our bathrooms were holes we dug in the ground! the only light came from the bonfire in the center of camp and from big heavy flashlights that took three Eveready black D batteries kasi wala pang Energizer much less Maglites noon!

    Ah, those were the days… we learned uber survival skills… kaya yakang-yaka nyo na ang camping kahit saan pa man. 🙂 Enjoy, have fun!

  2. That’s the kind of camping I like Well, I don’t often find places that have showers though.

    Jenny, I was waiting for you to say you had to camp in 3 feet of snow as well (as someone trying to make a point would say here) and then I realized it doesn’t snow there. 😀

  3. TAO, that’s what I tell the kids – “We had to walk to school everyday! Even when it was snowing!” The kids go, “But Mama, it doesn’t snow in the Philippines.” I say, “See how easy you kids have it nowadays!” I wonder that my kids are still sane. :))

    Eva and Amer, you’ve come a long long way from latrines. :))

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