On-a-Beach State of Mind

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At the time of this writing, it is 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 C) outside here in Iowa, with patches of unmelted snow from a snowstorm three weeks ago. Typical condition here in our winter “wonder”land (like I “wonder” why I’m still living here?).

This is not your ideal beach weather you would say. But it is a perfect weather to escape to a tropical paradise, even for just a daydream. Please indulge me for posting these photos.


Few weeks ago, my family and I spent a day in a beautiful beach in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. The place is named Playa Tropical Resort.







my son jumping into the infinity swimming pool

During our visit, there was even a wedding being held that day at the resort. I should have crashed into the party and had a free drink and dinner.



If I could just walk again in the sand barefoot, and wade into the warm ocean water….



No, I can’t walk on the water.


O well, time for reality now. I’ll bundle up and clear the snow.



  1. It was 27 degrees F overnight here in the San Francisco Bay Area last night. Tonight will be no different. They say it will warm a bit by a few degrees towards the weekend. I should not complain. 10 degrees F is quite the chill. Reminds me of the years when we lived in Toronto. Thanks for the warm weather photos. It sure is encouraging to look at. Like a cold glass of water at the end of a workout.

  2. i can just imagine the joy of your son upon the sight of that infinity pool in tropical ilocos! i suddenly miss ilocos, doc! what part of ilocos is this? *lazy to google*

      1. i see. my last trip to vigan was a decade ago! i’ve been to candon, sta maria, laoag, paoay, bacarra, sarrat, pagudpud and a few more parts of ilocos but not curimao, doc.

        you’re blessed to enjoy a homecoming break last vacation.

        have a more prosperous 2013! 🙂

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