Hanging up my running shoes

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Yes, you read the title right. I’m hanging up my running shoes.

Though it does not mean I am done with running. What I mean is I am retiring my old beat-up running shoes.

I got this particular running shoes about 2 years ago, and I even wrote about it (see post Heart and Sole here).

from my post: Heart and Sole

After only a couple of months of having it, my new running shoes was stolen. Somebody swiped it, right in my garage! We had different service crew and repairmen visit our home that day, and I don’t know what happened. But the next thing I know, my shoes were gone. I just hope that whoever it was, he had put it to good use.

I like that shoes very much that I replaced it with exactly the same kind. Since then, that shoes had taken me to many places.

Iowa State Fair, while riding the sky lift
Badlands, South Dakota
Vail, Colorado
Grand Teton, Wyoming
Sedona, Arizona
Chicago, Illinois
Boston, Massachusetts
Hamilton, New Jersey
Arches National Park, Utah
Grand Canyon
Metro Manila, Philippines 2014

It also served its purpose, as I used it for my regular morning runs. It even let me finish not just one, but two half marathons. Is that equivalent to doing the full marathon?

Des Moines Marathon 2012

“Hindi lang pang-pamilya, pang-sports pa!”

Des Moines Marathon 2013

Now the shoes has way more than 500 miles under its belt. Experts on running recommends replacing your shoes after 300 to 400 miles of running. This is to prevent injury, as old shoes loses its stability and support.

Over the past two years, it gotten worn-out, got dusty from running on the dirt road, and even got muddy. Though taking me to the above places and finishing marathons were not the only accomplishment of these shoes.

These shoes got seriously dirty when they walked the muddy streets of Tacloban, and gave service to people affected by the typhoon Haiyan (local name:Yolanda) in the Philippines.

Tacloban airport, after typhoon Haiyan
ACTS World Relief Team, Tacloban 2013

Here’s a video I took in one of our helicopter medical mission, showing the devastation of Tacloban. But I also inadvertently focused on my shoes at the end of the video:


In that regard, it went beyond it’s purpose of a running shoes.

I’m hanging you up now, my old and faithful running shoes.



  1. A well-deserved retirement for your running shoes! I walk 6 miles daily and my cheapy shoes barely make six weeks before crying for a replacement. I can’t complain though – it is regularly priced at $54 but on “perpetual sale” for $20 LOL.

  2. Lucky shoe. It’s been to so many places, witnessed amazing events, shared lots of great stories and memories. It is hard to let go of a favorite shoe. I have a duty work shoes for 3 years. It hasn’t retired yet but I hope when it does, I can find a similar comfortable replacement. All the best to you and your family.

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