Lost in Art

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Art they say is created by someone who is considered to be an artist. But what really is art is debatable. At least for me.

The other day, my wife and I had a lunch date in our art center cafe. Even though my wife and kids have been to the Des Moines Art Center a few times, and my wife have even taken some of our visitors from out of state to this place, yet it was my first time to enter this center.

I would admit, many times I don’t understand art. Maybe I am artistically challenged.

Here’s a sculpture at the center’s courtyard.


A man and a horse flying sideways. What is this suppose to mean?  A jockey falling off Pegasus?

How about this?


A circle of stones and scattered glass bubbles. I don’t get it.

And lastly this. Is this art?


It looks like a squatter’s shack or a barong-barong to me!

I rest my case.


(*photos taken at Des Moines Art Center)

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