House in the Woods

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I know our current economy is not the best and many home owners are having difficulty paying their monthly mortgages. Though renting and not having any property at all is not good either.

But a couple of weeks ago, my wife on a whim, bought a house. Yes, you read it right. A house!

Now, she wanted me to put the house on the market, and open it for potential tenants. As a good husband, I complied. I set the house in some prime location in a good neighborhood.

If I made you to believe that we are real estate moguls, then I lead you wrong. Here is the house that my wife bought, that my son and I set up in our backyard tree, a “house in the woods.”


We are hoping that a young family of birds will take residence in this house. Maybe a robin? Or a bluejay? Or a cardinal? Or a chickadee? Or a goldfinch? Or hummingbird? Or maybe it may not even be birds but chipmunks.

Perhaps we should put up a sign under it, “Wanted: house tenants.” And it is rent-free!


May this provide us some bird-watching activity for the next few months. I hope the tenants don’t mind their snooping and nosy neighbors.

(*photos taken with an iPhone)

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