The Challenge

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In the driveway I saw you this morning,

I pass under where you’re standing,

Lording over as if you’re taunting,

You look down at me silently mocking,

Daring me that I got no more hops,

That I have also lost the touch,

I may have slowed and I have aged,

But I’m still up for a challenge.

the takeoff
the propulsion
hang time (as in time for the old man to hang it up?)
the release

PS: Were you expecting a dunk? Maybe in 10 years when I am 60.



  1. Ahh, the sweet thrill of romancing the hoop after all these years. Does one reach farther and jump higher in one’s 60’s? Then Steph, Klay, Dray, Iggy, and Kev would be phenomenal!

    1. I know most professional players retire by their mid to late 30’s. Though my idol, Philippine basketball legend, Jaworski, played professional basketball until he was 50.

      1. I think a lot retire in their 40’s. Vince Carter is 40. Ginobli is almost there. It also depends at what age they start. Kobe started at 18. I guess their bodies get so worn out. It’s still more than 20 years of playing. It’s not a leisurely sport, like say, golf or cricket. 😆😆😆

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