My Weekend in Photos

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Here’s what I did last weekend:

1. Helped my wife cooked tuyo (dried fish) in our outdoor grill.


2. Chased a deer during one of my morning runs.


3. Scavenged for bargain art item in the streets downtown (Des Moines Art Festival was this weekend).


4. Got lost among the corn (visited a friend’s farm).


5. And lastly, summoned my indigenous spirit or maybe my hidden pyromaniac nature and did a fire dance.


(*all photos were taken by me with an iPhone, except the last photo which was taken by our friend)


  1. Wow. Salty, crispy, flavorful fish with a beautiful background. Did you manage to get good artwork?

    1. The only thing I bought there after walking around is “home made” ice cream with flavor called “Knee-deep in chocolate.” Though my wife got a fancy hat, which she can use in case we are invited to an English royal wedding. 🙂

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