My Weekend in Photos

Here’s what I did last weekend:

1. Helped my wife cooked tuyo (dried fish) in our outdoor grill.


2. Chased a deer during one of my morning runs.


3. Scavenged for bargain art item in the streets downtown (Des Moines Art Festival was this weekend).


4. Got lost among the corn (visited a friend’s farm).


5. And lastly, summoned my indigenous spirit or maybe my hidden pyromaniac nature and did a fire dance.


(*all photos were taken by me with an iPhone, except the last photo which was taken by our friend)

A Day with the Sculptures

During our last trip to the East Coast, we took a train ride from Philadelphia to Trenton, New Jersey. Our plan is to meet our friend there, who will tour us inside the campus of Princeton University. But our friend brought us also to a nice detour on a nearby park, the “Grounds for Sculpture.”


This park is located at Hamilton, New Jersey, and was opened to the public in 1992. Since its inception they have collected more than 240 works of art, including sculptures of renowned artists. It is kind of unique that sculptures blend with the landscapes, and visitors are free to “interact and touch” the art.


The sculptures are scattered all over in the 42-acre lot. Some are in spacious lawn…..IMG_1514

Others are up on a hill…..


On water…..IMG_2431

On slabs of concrete…..


And even up the wall.


Some of the art pieces are abstracts…..IMG_1525

Some not so abstract, but still captivating…..IMG_1340

And some so captivating, I felt like ogling. (For your curiosity, that is a sculpture and not real.)


Besides the art pieces, the terrain and the passageways are also interesting and varied. Below is a road in the open…..


This one in the midst of bamboos…..


Here’s a narrow path walled by trees…..


And below is a walkway among the hedges.


With all the walking we did, we got hungry. We came to this place inside the park where we had our lunch. The name of the restaurant is “Rat’s.” My son was disappointed when he learned that they don’t serve rats!


The restaurant is beside a man-made pond and has this French garden ambiance. If you feel like you are inside impressionist Claude Monet’s painting, it is because that is exactly what they are imitating. Below is a view from our table.


But the best part of the visit to this park is interacting with the arts. We tried to poke (or pickpocket?) them…….


And whisper sweet something to them……..


Do mathematical equation with them (supposed to be pie x radius, get it?)…..


Imitate them……..


Imitate and outdo them…..


Or be a part of them.


We really enjoyed our visit to this park and I hope you caught a glimpse of this beautiful and fascinating place through these pictures.

Here’s looking through the arts…….



Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Here’s my first entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

When I hear the word Geometry, I relate it to questions of shapes and figures, and calculating areas and volumes, as well as understanding (or not understanding) Pythagorean Theorem, and remembering (and cursing) Euclid’s Axioms. This makes me feel obtuse (and I am not talking about the angle of a triangle), and that sends me to a different dimension, like in a parallel universe. Am I being square? I am glad I am not taking Geometry again!

Anyway, here’s my rendition of Geometry. Makes me feel dizzy, just like the subject.

photo taken at Faneuil Hall, Boston