The Return of the Black Ninja

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I have running apparel for the cold weather, and I have featured my all-black running gear many years ago in this blog. But for the past few years I chose not to run much outside during the winter, especially if the temperature is below freezing, and instead went mostly inside the gym during winter months.

However with this COVID pandemic, I am still avoiding going to the gym where people not too distant from each other are panting, and yes, it is impossible to keep a mask on when you’re exercising and breathing hard. But I don’t want to stop exercising altogether during the winter as I need to stay healthy. So I think I will be running outside even through this winter.

Thus, the Black Ninja has returned.

taking a pose in our front yard
got to go
off and running

(*my wife took the photos of my craziness)


  1. Facing the cold makes us stronger. I actually go swimming in a lake in mid-January: it gives me that great feeling that I am immune to everything….baka mayamaya mamamatay ako sa pneumonia (pero at least mamamatay ako bilang hero: ang bayani ng cold lake). I think we must keep working out to become stronger than disease and, yes, no matter how cold it gets, exercising outside is miles better than being in a crowder gym (kahit na, sa totoo, dito isinara ng gobyerno lahat ng mga gym)

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