Eye Exam, Failed

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I had my annual eye exam today. I wear corrective lenses though my eyesight is not that bad yet. I really just use my glasses when driving or when I’m in a conference and I am seated at the back of the room. Otherwise, I can do my everyday work without glasses, including my medical procedures and reading. And blogging.

My Optometrist’s office happened to be in a mall connected to an eyeglass store. As I was looking at the office’s ad in their digital signage while waiting for my appointment, I noticed something amiss.

This is very wrong. It is not a good image for an establishment that supposed to help people see better, but they themselves cannot see. I know this is a minor oversight, nonetheless, it needs to be corrected. Should I still go ahead and have them check my vision?

Did you spot it? Here it is magnified.

When they called me to the counter for my turn, I respectfully called their attention to their overlooked signage ad. I hope they would stop “raking” their clients and that they would be “ranked” better, at least in my humble point of view.

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