Of Goslings and Ducklings

June has rolled in upon us. The entry of this month heralds that spring will be officially transitioning into summer here in the northern part of the hemisphere. Born and raised in a tropical country, where there is eternal summer, I can’t wait for the summer to come, after experiencing a harsh winter here in Iowa. Come to think of it, we even had a snowstorm in May this year!

Another thing that June is known for is weddings. This month is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, and that may be the reason why it is the most popular month to tie the knot. Many couples will take the plunge this June and start their own little family.

Speaking of family, it’s not just humans who raise their little family this time of year. I can see mother deer and their fawns, as well as big and little rabbits frolicking in our yard, much to the dismay of my wife, as they eat her flowers.

A few mornings ago while I was running, I saw a family of geese swimming in the pond near our place.



A couple of weeks ago, we also came face to face with a family of ducks, while we were dining in a restaurant that is beside a man-made pond.



Like the seasons, with spring turning into summer, then into autumn, and finally into winter – these little goslings and ducklings will grow and mature, and then not too long after, they will become parents and will have little critters of their own.

It was spring last year when we learned that my wife was pregnant with our third child. And it was also spring last year that we lost our supposed to be third child in an early termination of pregnancy.

Few nights ago, my wife commented that we could have been holding our 5-month old baby right now. Yeah, that’s an endearing thought.

But we don’t dwell on the “what ifs” and “could have been.” We have long accepted that it was not meant to be. Besides we have two “older” children that are constant source of joy and inspiration for my wife and I.

Being a parent, I believe, is the greatest privilege that our Creator have endowed us.

For all the parents out there who have little ones right now, can you please hug your babies a little tighter, for our sake. May you all have a beautiful summer.


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Goodbye Ella Grace

Why does a song ends before it can be heard,

Why does a rainbow fades before it can show,

Why did you say goodbye before we can say hello,

We haven’t even embraced you, why do you have to go?

Why Ella Grace, oh why?

You came unexpectedly, and left more unexpectedly,

But you brought us expectant joy, even for so briefly,

You showed us how to dream again, and all the possibility,

That life indeed is wonderful. Yes, definitely!

Thank you Ella Grace, thank you.

We can never know your face, even how much we try,

We can only imagine hearing your laughter and your cry,

We wish to cuddle you close, and feel your beating heart,

A heartbeat that was snuffed out, not long after it start.

Goodbye Ella Grace. Goodbye.

We really don’t understand, but we submissively accept,

That you are not meant to live and be born on this earth,

But someday when all our tears and sorrows are taken,

Your mom and I will look for you, there in heaven.

We’ll see you, Ella Grace, we will see you.

*For all of you who shared in our family’s joy and sorrow, thank you.

** Written for my unborn child whom we lost at 7 weeks of gestation.