Love of Reading

Despite of the popular belief that doctors like me are nerds and like reading books for their past time, I for one am not. Outside from my school textbooks and professional journals (which does not mean I enjoy reading them), there were only a handful of books that I have read. I rather watch TV or a movie, or better yet, just stare blankly outside the window and daydream. (I can invent a book report though.)

I don’t even read instruction manuals, much to the chagrin of my wife, as I try to build newly bought things that need self-assembly without reading the manual first. That goes without saying that sometimes I assembled them improperly.Then I am forced to read the manual.

There are a few books, however, that interest me. Last year, my friend, Jenny, who is the most widely read person I know and whose book collection might rival the Library of Congress (OK, I exaggerated a little bit, but just a little bit), gave me some books (Bob Ong books) that I enjoyed very much. In fact, I read them in one sitting. Well, because the books were not thick at all.

Library of Congress

But last Christmas, I received as a gift from my wife, a set of books that I really, really like. I was introduced to this books when I was in Medical School. I had a couple of this series before, but now my wife gave me the whole collection of the works of this renowned author. I have difficulty putting the books down once I started reading them. These books will be a treasure to our home library, at least from my perspective.

I really like my new gift of books. Got to go now, I have to go back to my reading………….”The Complete Collection of Calvin and Hobbes.”

Calvin and Hobbes

Pinoytransplant in Washington D.C.

No, I did not run for congress or the senate. I just toured and visited Washington D.C. with my family.

While in DC, we toured the Capitol building and even sat at the House of Representatives. Of course the House was not in session, or else I could have helped them draft a bill pardoning all pinoy TNT.

Capitol building

Mural at the dome of the Capitol

one hot seat!

However, we were able to sit in the Supreme Court hall during a live deliberation of a case. Too bad they did not ask for my opinion.

Supreme Court

We also visited the White House and were able to walk into the Blue Room where guests and foreign dignitaries are received. Well, I’m foreign alright, but I don’t know about being dignitary. (Unfortunately no cell phones or cameras allowed inside, or I could have called my mother while I’m inside the White House.)

White House

As a nerd, I have to go to the library. The Library of Congress, that is.

Library of Congress

Pillars (Library of Congress)

We also visited the museums………

National Air and Space Museum

Hope Diamond (in National Museum of American History)

National Museum of American History

Stradivarius String Quartet (American Art Museum)

And the monuments.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Statues at FDR Memorial (One is real. Can you tell?)

One of the falls at FDR Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

World War II Memorial

I'm checking how strong is the foundation of freedom here. (Taken at Lincoln Memorial, at the distance is the Washington Monument)

It was an enlightening trip. Maybe I’ll visit Washington DC again someday…….. when I run for President.

I have a dream. Or keep on dreaming?