Ride Like The Wind

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It’s spring! The sun is shining, the temperature is rising. Nice day for a drive!

It’s time to bring out of my garage my other ride. Got to grab my sunglasses and ride in the open air. Feel the sunshine in my face and the wind in my hair (I forgot, I have no hair!)……. and drive.

Before you think I have a convertible or a motorbike, well it’s not that. I’m talking about my riding mower.  It can’t go faster than 10 miles/hr (maybe it will if I drive it down a cliff!), and no, I can’t do a wheelie on my lawn tractor.

Darn, it’s mowing season again! Why can’t I just let my grass grow tall and turn my lawn into a prairie? Maybe I’ll just call the mowing service. I think I like that idea better.

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